Massage Therapies

Tanjable Touch offer a range of Massage Therapies to clients in Leeds and West Yorkshire.

Thai Yoga Massage

Works on the whole body and uses yoga based stretches, acupressure points and energy work to increase flexibility, align the spine, loosen shoulders, hips and any back tension. It is often referred to as ‘applied physical yoga’ and is the perfect accompaniment to regular yoga practice. It can be adapted to suit all levels of fitness and flexibility. More information about Thai Yoga Massage.

Integrative Massage

As this uses a variety of techniques this is the most appropriate massage for people who have specific problems such as back and shoulder pain/tension, regular headaches, neck problems, period problems, insomnia, stress etc. (Regular massage is an excellent way to deal with ongoing health issues and also to relax and rejuvenate the body and mind.) More information about Integrative Massage.

Pregnancy Massage

Adapted from Thai Massage this is an excellent way to alleviate the problems of pregnancy such as lower back pain, tired and aching legs and feet etc, as well as being relaxing for mother and baby. Only suitable from the second trimester (and if there are any specific problems then you must check with your GP and/or midwife.) More information about Pregnancy Massage.

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